My Couple

Jadi Inilah couple couple pasti yang ada di FF ^

Sehun – Irene
[ SeRen (??) ]

tumblr_nauxf0SNiv1sblhg1o3_250 tumblr_nauxf0SNiv1sblhg1o2_250

Kyuhyun – Yoona
[ KyuNa ]


3xuVj tumblr_maukz5knnt1qzfuu1o1_250

Donghae – Taeyeon
[ HaeTae // HaeYeon ]


My Favorite Gif
Look at Taeyeon Hand, She is holding Donghae Arm

Eunhyuk – Jessica
[ HyukSica // EunSica ]

 If You Have HyukSica Moment send me that picture 😀

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